PITT-PACC Dark-Matter Workshop

Probing Non-Minimal Dark Sectors

June 8-10, 2014

PITTsburgh Particle physics, Astrophysics and Cosmology Center (PITT-PACC)
Department of Physics and Astronomy
Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences
University of Pittsburgh

Over the past few years, there has been increasing interest in the physics of non-minimal dark sectors --- i.e., frameworks for dark-matter physics in which the dark sector does not consist of merely a single particle with an extremely long lifetime. Indeed, increasing numbers of researchers are exploring the idea that the dark sector might be non-minimal, either in terms of the numbers of degrees of freedom contained therein or in terms of non-trivial decay widths/lifetimes of these individual components. These ideas clearly transcend the standard WIMP paradigm, and open up a rich set of new theoretical possibilities for the dark sector. They can also potentially lead to striking signatures at colliders as well as at direct- and indirect-detection experiments.

Organizers: Keith Dienes (U. of Arizona, dienes@physics.arizona.edu), Shufang Su (U. of Arizona, shufang@email.arizona.edu), Brooks Thomas (Carleton U., bthomas@physics.carleton.ca)
Local Organizers: Cindy Cercone (cmc138@pitt.edu), Neil Christensen (neilc@pitt.edu), Tao Han (than@pitt.edu), Zhen Liu (zhl61@pitt.edu), Donna Naples (dnaples@pitt.edu)


  • Zackaria Chacko (Maryland)
  • Dan Chung (Wisconsin)
  • Keith Dienes (Arizona)
  • Jarah Evslin (IHEP)
  • Jiji Fan (Syracuse)
  • Gordy Kane (Michigan)
  • Manoj Kaplinghat (Irvine)
  • Savvas Koushiappas (Brown)
  • Piyush Kumar (Yale)
  • Rafael Lang (Purdue)
  • Sean MacMullin (Purdue)
  • Matt Reece (Harvard)
  • Shufang Su (Arizona)
  • Tim Tait (Irvine)
  • Brooks Thomas (Carleton)
  • Scott Watson (Syracuse)
  • Daniel Whiteson (Irvine)
  • David Yaylali (Hawaii)
  • Haibo Yu (Riverside)
  • Members of PITT-PACC

Group Photo